Heavenly sand beaches in Ninh Thuan


Endowed with picturesque landscapes of the broad expanses of plains, sea, mountains and hills, Ninh Thuan has the wonderful with 10km-long Ninh Chu Beach that is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.



Heavenly sand beaches in Ninh Thuan

 Ninh Thuan Beach


Ninh Thuan also has the 38km-long Ca Tien Beach where nature remains well preserved. Coconut trees grow in long rows along the beach creating a scene of beauty that tranquilizes visitors. When the sea is smooth and calm, visitors relax and wander around the fishing village that sits behind the rows of coconut trees and talk with the hospitable, openhearted fishermen. And then there are the days when the sea is choppy, and the crashing waves pound the yielding, shifting sand, that inspire awe and respect for the sea and those who choose to make it a part of their lives.

Visitors to Ninh Thuan Province will miss a major opportunity if they do not go to visit the Vinh Hy Gulf, among the most beautiful gulfs in Vietnam. It is comparable with Ha Long bay in northern Vietnam, and the Van Phong and Cam Ranh Gulfs in the southern part of the country. Coming to Vinh Hy, visitors can not only enjoy a good swim in the blue, transparent seawater but also see the living, multi-colored coral just beneath the surface with its many strange and colorful inhabitants. Codfish season is in April, and if visitors come to Vinh Hy at this time, they can hire a small fishing boat or ask fishermen to go out with them on their fishing boats to see first hand the fishermen's work of pulling these fish from the depths.

Ninh Thuan also has the beautiful Phuoc Dinh and Nam Cuong sand dunes that look like vast African sandy deserts, sprinkled with clusters of cactus. Visitors to the province can also go swimming in the Tien (Fairy) Stream, the Kien Kien Stream, and the Lo O Stream on their way to view the Da Thao and Sakai Waterfalls. On that excursion they may also visit Ngoan Muc Pass and enjoy the green grapes grown there - a specialty of the region.


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